THREE HEADED EXPERT: Howto Play Large Group Improv Games

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Three Headed Expert


Three (or more) players,and sometimes an audience volunteer, stand shoulder to shoulder center stage. MC/ stands to the side. 

Sample MC Set Up: 

Optional start, For this next game we need one audience volunteer.

Now coming to the stage is the world’s foremost expert on everything. So get your questions ready and let’s welcome to the stage THE PROFESSOR.

Game Play:

While MC sets up the games, make sure the audience volunteer understands the game play.

In this game, THE PROFESSOR, is created by the entire team on stage speaking ONE WORD AT A TIME. Establish and order. It’s easiest to have the same person always start each sentence/answer.

MC should demonstrate asking a simple question. “PROFESSOR, please introduce yourself” may be followed by “Where are you from?”

Then open up questions to the audience. MC will moderate and repeat any questions they want to put to THE PROFESSOR. Or choose to ignore, especially if repeated  (as.many audiences don’t listen 😂) or push boundaries of appropriateness for the venue/audience.

At New York Improv Theater, we conclude with a song. You can get a real or fake song title from the audience. Remember, this is Improv, even if given a song you don’t know, make it up.

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