PARK BENCH: Howto Play Large Group Improv Games

Park Bench is a fun way to introduce longer form improvised theater, especially Le Ronde.

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Park Bench 


Place Two Chairs center stage. Players set up off stage. 

Sample MC Set Up: 

For this game the players will all play a series of related scenes on the same bench. We just need a single word to start. (Optional get an alternative location for the bench).

Game Play:

Park Bench is a series of two person scenes that all take place on the same bench.

Establish an order of players. Players one and two start the game with a 45-60 second conversation. Make simple WHO WHERE WHAT choices. Why is your character there? What do they need/want?  

Next scene is between player two and three, with player two as the same character established previously. Then continue scenes with players three and four, four and five, five and six, etc until the final scene when player one returns for the final interaction.


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