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  • Saturday 10am Improv 4 Teens (Middle School/High School students)
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  • $120/month (FOUR CLASSES). Regular students are invitee to monthly showcases AND get free tickets to our professional comedy shows.
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3/11 Freehold NJ 3pm & 7pm show


Improv 4 Teens Saturdays 10am


Our #1 Rule is to have fun, but never at another’s expense. Our mission is to create a safe space for all to play, share, collaborate, learn and perform, growing together as a team.

Every session is a series of games, starting with warm up and technique building exercises, followed by performance games.

Every moment playing these games develops creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, listening, focus, self confidence, self awareness and more.

We use these same games to teach corporate groups team building, leadership, sales and service skills. In k12 schools, Improv comedy delivers SEL, Social Emotional Learning. Simply playing these games deliver into the muscle memory what 1000s of books and lectures merely discuss.


The #1 Rule in Improvisation is “YES! And…”

We enthusiastically accept EVERYTHING our teammates offer on and off stage. We accept our teammates for who they are, where they come from, how they talk, and how they think. We always say yes to the craziest of ideas.

Saying no (unless being put in physical or psychological danger, NEVER say yes to that), is usually the lazy or insecure choice. We judge that which we don’t readily understand.

After 25+ years in New York I HATE the word normal. NO ONE is normal, so everyone is. NORMAL is the construct of your judgement and fears. Let go and accept. Give space for all ideas, races, creeds, sexual/gender identities etc.

In a truly safe space, AMAZING happens one moment at a time, All the time.

AND… is pulling our weight, doing our job, supporting our team by setting them up to succeed. Simply saying YES, puts all the work on your teammates.

YES AND…. creates a non stop give and take of ideas, building blocks to an amazing story/scene/team!


Listening is the #1 skill in Comedy, theater, teaching, learning, team, leadership, sales, and service. Listening with your eyes heightens yiur focus and self awareness. Listening with the willingness to change opens your mind and heart to others and their ideas.

A focus on LISTENING, being a sponge for life, takes you out of your own mind, which far too often focuses on ego and insecurity.


Let go of ego and insecurity. Don’t TRY to be great, funny, perfect, clever etc.

Focus on simple choices, focus on HAVING FUN, YES AND… and LISTENING.

TRUST you and your team will be great, funny, clever etc (your already PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE).


So often my new students, and few pros, react to everything with YIKES, WTF, THAT’S HARD, I CAN’T DO THAT, I’M NOT DOING THAT…

In other words they fear looking foolish or honestly fear they don’t have what it takes….

Instead, try saying I GOT THIS…. and then fake it till you make it. I don’t care if we are talking Improv or Algebra.

The second we use the H word, the walls go up.

Stay open to new. They say stage fright is the #1 fear. But it is part of a larger epidemic, FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

Dont ruin a perfectly amazing moment, day, life, based on a fear of what MIGHT happen.

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