Improv 4 Teens Shows & Classes, Times Square NYC, Touring Nationwide

Since 2002 the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has presented interactive musical comedy improvised based on audience suggestions and participation, live from Times Square NYC and touring nationwide. All of our public shows in Times Square are teen friendly. We add shows almost daily for student groups from around the world and tour schools, colleges, camps and community centers.

  • Saturday 3pm Live from Times Square NYC
  • Saturday 10am Comedy 4 Teens class Times Square
  • Saturday 12pm Advanced Teen Class by invite only
  • FIELD TRIPS Bring your students to our Times Square theater, seven days/week we host teen groups from around the world.
  • SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES Treat your students to much needed laughter.
  • RESIDENCIES Weekly classes in improv comedy prepare students for performance and teach valuable life skills: creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, self confidence, self awareness, listening, focus and more.
  • CLASS CLOWNS Want to perform? Join our teen comedy troupe theat performs monthly in Times Square NYC. All started by taking our classes.
The class clowns perform monthly in Times Square NYC.
April 2019, our teens stole the show at Caroline’s on Broadway. Carolyn White was crowns America’s Funniest Kid by Kenan Thompson at the age of 12.

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See Sway Bhatia on Mighty Ducks, now streaming on Disney Plus (Also series regular on HBO’S Succession)