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  • Tuesday August 15 5:30-7:30 KILLER COMEDY No comic wants to die on stage! Dinner & Show live from Times Square NYC GET TICKETS
  • Tuesday August 15 5:30-7:30 KILLER COMEDY No comic wants to die on stage! Dinner & Show live from Times Square NYC GET TICKETS
  • Tuesday October 31 5:30-7:30 SEANCE: Who knew contacting the dead could be so deadly. GET TICKETS
  • EMAIL for group sales, private bookngs and more information, dates and rates.

Looking for something fun and interactive for your next event? Our professional trained interactive comedic actors will lead your guests down a mysterious path. The real fun starts when your guests break into teams to decide WHO committed the murder, as well as HOW & WHY. EMAIL for more information, dates and rates.

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More Story Ideas

Every show is customized to your guests. We can work with almost any budget, event size, theme, venue etc. Sometimes we can even host at our midtown Manhattan venue.

Who said, ” You can’t beat city hall?”Well someone certainly tried. On the eve of his reelection the Mayor (or council member) is found deceased. Everyone at your party is a suspect and will also be recruited to help solve the crime. These are dark days, but our detective will help solve lead your guests through a night of laughs and WHODUNNIT.
No comic wants to die on stage!. Killer Laughs Comedy Club is one of the hottest shows in town. By HOTTEST we mean, the most sketchy scam in town. This club lives up to its 1 star YELP reviews. Comics die on stage all the time, but not like this. The club owner and wannabe comedian may have bit off more than they can chew this time. Other comics, club staff, local officials and even you, the local regular hecklers, all want him gone, but who is willing to do the dirty deed.
Its the annual party for hospital staff, but every one is a suspect when the pompous overbearing chief of staff, top doctor in town, is found murdered. No one mourns this loss but who had enough motive to do the deed? There are plenty of doctors in the house, lots of nurses too, but who can you trust?
1920s were a different time. A time of prohibition, crime, and fun in the shadows of a speak Easy, with jazz, illegal cocktails and murder. Heck, we know the police are taking bribes just to keep this joint open, so even our detective could be a suspect.
Everyone at the top of the food chain thinks they’re safe. But it’s a delicate balance on the right rope. This time, it actually could be the butler. Everyone is scratching and crawling to be top dog among the lord’s and ladies. The Guilded Age is a mystery when you pull back the tapestries.
What happens when a Bad Santa pops into your holiday party’s cocktail hour with Mrs. Claus and his Elf mistress? Everyone is a suspect when Santa is murdered. It is up to our Detective and everyone of your guests to help us solve the murder
Our town’s biggest cash cow is heading for a horrible demise. Help our detective solve whodunnit. Of course, it just might have been you!

We have hundreds of possible scenarios and open to creating one unique to you:

  • Clowning Around
  • Passing Hippies
  • Stand-Up Comic Dies on Stage
  • Diva’s Final Song
  • Requited Reunion (High School/College Reunion party crasher meets their doom)
  • FBI, Cops, FireFighters or other uniformed theme mystery party.
  • Team Building Gone Wrong
  • Surprise Murder Mysteries (Guests don’t know its a murder mystery until the moment of the murder)
  • Politics Politics Politics
  • Church Picnic
  • Dozens more….

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